And You Thought Origami Was Impressive: Paper Fashions By Zoe Bradley

Artist Zoe Bradley creates stunning headpieces, dresses, sets and installations crafted from various papers. That's right.... paper. And boxes, and sometimes even plastic spoons. But her 'forte' is her signature use of various "luxury" papers in a sculptural way.

She also does windows. And by that, I mean the windows of some of the most prestigious stores around; Harrods, Selfridges, Liberty, and Smythson in London, Missoni in Italy, Brown Thomas of Dublin and more.

A graduate of Middlesex University she went to work for Alexander McQueen where she honed her craft that later became her trademark.

Below are some of her spectacularly designed dresses and headpieces that have appeared in editorial work and advertising campaigns.

And her headpieces:

And her in store displays:

And of course, her head-turning window displays:

Some of her fashions have even been on the runway, as in these two from the Michiko Show:

There's a lot more of her impressive work to see. Be sure to check out her entire portfolio of work here.


alicia carter said...

paper for dresses?
i enjoy making origami, but this stuff is definitely out of the box!
absolutely love fashion and always wanted to a designer!!!

Judas_Iscariot_79 said...

OMG! This art is amazing!

alicia carter said...

i really like the note paper too!
never knew what you could do with so much paper!
i once had a go at making a dress out of plastic bags.
it took me forever!

babezcandy said...

what a great idea!!!!!

Lady_Rhinoa said...

Ohhh myyy, this is breathtaking !!!
I have never seen anything like that before. I didn`t even realise that paper can be so resistant. This is amazing !!!]
I wish I could shoot some of her stuff !!!

Jon said...

Those are some gorgeous pieces, very meticulous.

శృణి said...

Its cool and amazing! I loved the pics...

Dots said...

wow! thats really stunning!

Terrace Crawford said...

Congratulations on being listed as one of the Blogs of Note!

Terrace Crawford,

Rick said...

Congrat's on being a blog of note.

Wow! These girls must model in a non-smoking zone.

Being from a place where logging is king, I applaud their efforts! Every dress is more money in my town's economy!!

Anonymous said...

I love her dresses, it inspired me to do one out of paper too. It came out great, and it has my own twist. Hope one day I can show the world what I can do...

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.