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Heineken X Ed Banger Records Glow In The Dark Bottle by So Me.

Keep an eye out for this fun limited edition collaborative bottle design representing the dual anniversary of Heineken (140 years) and Parisian Record Label Ed Banger (10 years).

The bottle has been designed by Ed Banger Record's graphic designer and animator Bertrand Lagros de Langeron who goes by the name of So Me. Although it was posted on High Snobiety, they failed to mention the coolest aspect of the design.... it glows in the dark!

To celebrate 10 years, Ed Banger Records is organizing the party of the century, the 1st of March at the Halle de la Villette. 10 years of music, parties, fun and friendship naturally leads us to lend our support by installing a water-bar on site for the revelers.

For the occasion, Colette will exhibit the 12 most significant SO ME album covers in their water-bar, where you can also find Heineken x Ed Banger 140th anniversary collaborative bottles (available as of March 4) and box set (March 20).

The special boxed set has So Me's graphics, acoustic foam and includes the glow in the dark bottle as well as a Lowdi wireless speaker:

Also coming soon: a book (shown below) celebrating the "Work, Family, Party" spirit, with 400 photos selected by SO ME as well as a compilation.

You can pre-order the Heineken X Ed Banger bottle here at Colette.

images courtesy of Colette and Ed Banger Records

Killer Shoes. Crystal Bullet Ballet Flats By Zanotti X Colette

Giuseppe Zanotti has collaborated with french fashion, design and art boutique, Colette to bring us ballet flats complete with Swarovski crystal encrusted bullets.

The black canvas ballet flats have two bullets, one silver, one gold.. both encrusted with Swarovski crystals, adhered to the outside of either heel of the flats with a leather strap.

Part of Guiseppe Zanotti's Spring/summer cruise collection 2010, exclusively designed for Colette. Price is $447.70 (VAT included) or $374.33 (VAT excluded). Buy them here.

If Ammo is your thing, check out this jewelry line, made from spent bullets and crystals:

Unearthen Jewelry

Artists James Jarvis, So Me & Delta Create Limited Edition Bottles of Malibu Rum

Malibu Pop & Street Art Series is a limited collection of artist designed bottles for Malibu Rum by So-Me (France), Delta (Netherlands) and James Jarvis (UK) , curated by La MJC.

Three different bottle by three different artists from three different countries representing three different styles; each is numbered and signed and limited to 100 bottles.

French Graphic designer/multi-media artist S0-Me 's Typographic exploration:

Netherland Graffiti artist /painter Delta's Collage design:

And illustrator/vinyl toy designer James Jarvis' pop art version:

Each bottle will cost 19 euros and will be available to the public exclusively at Colette in France beginning December 1st.


The So Me Show at Studio Gallery .
So Me's MySpace page


Buy James Jarvis' many vinyl toys collectibles here.

See James Jarvis illustrations here


See some of Delta's older work here
And his newer site here

Visit Colette here to purchase the Malibu Rum bottles starting december 1st

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