Loco For Boca Do Lobo: Stunning Furniture Design From Portugal

Boca Do Lobo exclusive designs, located in Rio Tinto, Portugal, designs and produces high-end furniture, lamps, wall mirrors and more in a style that reflects an urban and simultaneously classical look. They use the highest quality materials and textures that ooze a cosmopolitan, luxe and meticulously crafted feel. With echoes of Deco, Modern, Beidermeier,and even Victorian, it's kind of a Glam-meets-Urban-meets-Artsy style. Take a look.

From their limited edition line called Large Emotion...

The Mondrian:

The Diamond:

The Forest:

D. Manuel:


Just this past year they introduced another collection called "Coolers", to see that collection, please go here.

Their Mission Statement
Our mission is to understand the past, interpreting it through technology and contemporary design, transferring all our artisans’ wisdom into what we do. We combine the high technology we use with the traditional manufacturing shapes and techniques, which transforms our pieces in timeless objects. So being, we offer the public the best one can find in this art.

See all they have to offer here.


Nadhirah Zamrose said...

I should say that all the furnitures are beautiful and rare.
I want to design furnitures from wood composite,can somebody advice me on designing this kind of furniture?

Trade2win said...

I just adore real wood we have a chap from the Borders of Scotland and Northumberland who makes us Furniture from real Elm Burr from tree that have been blown over from say storm etc not just cutting down a tree for the hell of it !!! Each item is crafted using the same skills his family have been using for about 80 years and each item then is stamped with a number and recorded with pictures in the companies design book.
No two item are ever the same because of the Burr in the design and this makes it unique.

Thanks for sharing.


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