Gucci's New White Tattoo Heart Collection Benefits Unicef

With ads featuring Rihanna, Gucci has just launched a new 'white' tattoo heart collection, 25% of whose sales will benefit Unicef. The collection features various handbags, shoes, a necklace, a scarf, a dop kit, and a cosmetic bag. See all the images below:

Shop the new Gucci tattoo collection here.


Anonymous said...

Why does Gucci look like Ed Hardy? Frida still doesn't understand sexy like Tom Ford did.

Lynn Cyr said...

Gorgeous handbag... and for a good cause, too!! Coming from a purse-o-holic... :)

K said...

you're right it does look like ed hardy, in a good way though.

Strawberry Fields said...

i love the stuff very versatile designs
shame it's gucci, i could never buy it
i like how quite a bit of sales go to charity though
shoes for a good cause is a pretty major breakthrough!

KLA said...

The Ed Hardy look is just a coming trend... I've seen other major labels take some form of vintage tattoo art
i like the bags, but can't be a big fan of the shoes. they just don't look young and exciting

Jstemps said...

i think these designs are horrible
im really into traditional tattoo art and i'm not sure how i feel about them being exploited so commercially.. regardless, these designs are horribly primitive and a really bad representation of beautiful tattoo art

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.