Pumpkin Carving Continues To Grow Even Geekier

Above, clockwise from upper left: nerd pumpkins include a nod to Mac OS, Mario of Mario Brothers video games, The Pi symbol, and a Space Invader from the video game of the same name.

All Hallow's Eve (aka Halloween) always brings out the geek in everyone, especially when it comes to carving pumpkins. Being a geek myself, I carve my pumpkins each year in the shape of my dog (without a stencil), and turn them into Halloween cards, two of which are shown below.

More and more carving pumpkins seem to be inspired by technology and sci-fi. Each year tons of pictures are uploaded to flickr, sent to Wired magazine and blogged about by tech nerds everywhere.

Below is an impressive collection 'Star Wars' inspired pumpkins from 2007 (you really should click on the image to enlarge it):

And , of course, the Death Star pumpkin:

Wanna carve your own death star pumpkin? here's a tutorial for you.

I was sent a round up of carved jack o' lanterns that would appeal to the tech set, sci-fans or just plain 'geeks' from reader Eran Abramson that are worth taking a peek at. It's clear he found several from last year's WIRED magazines "show us your geeky pumpkins" contest (which, by the way, received over 2000 entries).

Why people are carving internet browsers and feed reader icons into pumpkins, I'll never know, but they clearly are:

Above: RSS, internet explorer logo and firefox logo's carved into pumpkins

Wanna see more? Read the full post of Eran's 34 Geeky Pumpkins here.

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John said...

Yeah 'hip', like Walamrt...

Laura Sweet said...

and "hip" like your spelling skills , LOL

RPDA said...

What an idiot. LOL (to Laura's comment that is)!

Anonymous said...

These are cool and like these nerdy pumpkins I have to a be nerd to tell you that the pumpkin between the rss and firefox logo is actually the internet explorer logo not earthlink.

Laura Sweet said...

How right you are! Thanks so much for the correction, I should have known better. I've been outgeeked!

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