Eatable Of Many Orders: Clothes & Bags That Focus on The 'Ingredients'

What do they mean by Eatable?

The phrase “Eatable of Many Orders” comes from Kenji Miyazawa’s “Restaurant of Many Orders”. It is a story about a wild cat restaurant which gives orders to customers rather than taking orders from them. Like the story, Eatable of Many Orders would like to provide customers an eatable menu for complete understanding of their products.

On their site they say they "..would like to present their products like food and its ingredients with an aesthetic sense and sensibility." Not sure they've really achieved that yet. However, the materials they choose (not all of which are appealing.. like say, natural horse leather) have very interesting visual stories of their process.

They have a collection of natural shoes, bags and clothes made with tamo wood, vegetable tannin cow leather, rope, twine and sometimes twigs. Below are images of some of their products (admittedly, I've not shown many of the clothes here, they're a bit like a natural organic asian bag lady) as well as some of the visual processes.

Learn more about Eatable of Many Orders here.

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