Short On Room But Big On Style? Here Are Some Great Options For Small Spaces

What do you do when you love good looking furniture and design but reside in a 400 square foot apartment? The following products are a few examples of ways to make the most of your small space without sacrificing design.

The WallFlower Wall Office

The Wallflower Wall office by Jonas & Jonas has a scratch- and shock-resistant body of made of laminate (HPL: high pressure laminate) and allows for any kind of strain. Wall office offers room for folders, books, writing,phone and lamp. WALLFLOWER Walloffice is available in widths of 1100 mm and 960 mm.

Jonas & Jonas

The Corner Flame

Made by Radius Design, it is a wall mountable fireplace that doesn't use wood, burns cleanly, appears to be floating and takes up minimal space while giving you maximum warmth. Available in multiple finishes.

Radius Design

The Square Sleeper Chair

Buy it here

The Corner lamp

This is such a bright idea (pardon the pun) that I'm amazed I didn't see it long ago. Created by Design House Stockholm, designed by Roberto Cardenas. Made of pergament plastic lamp shade & steel pole. measures 66" tall

Design House Stockholm

Got a bathroom the size of a closet?
Then maybe the Ego Tower by Aquaware is just the thing for you. It's got the mirror, sink, towel rack, shelf drawer and light all in one:

Shown above in both oak and in wengé wood. Learn more here.

Flat Life by Finn Magee

"Flat Time" and "Flat Light" are posters with photographs of a clock and a lamp that have a built in LED light and 7 digit LED readout, so rather than take up space on a surface, your clock and desk lamp are wall mounted!

Learn more about Flat Life here.

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