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Freehands; Gloves For Mobile Device Users. Keep Those Hands Warm While Texting

Josh Rubin (of Cool Hunting) and his father, Stanley, have designed gloves with a patent-pending design which enables everyone with a mobile device to keep in touch, literally. A quick flick exposes your thumb and forefinger without removing your glove. Small magnets keep the tips from getting in your way.

The gloves are available in three materials and five sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL. Fleece retails for $20; Stretch for $30; and Leather for $40.

Leather, $40.00 a pair:

Stretch, $30.00 a pair:

Fleece, $20.00 a pair:

In case you're wondering.. which apparently some people are... Josh says that "the magnets are just strong enough to hold the finger tips back, but not so strong that they’ll interfere with watches or gadgets"

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