Rossignol Has Artists Depict The 7 Deadly Sins On Skis.

For the first time ever 7 prominent board culture artists, some of them skateboard legends like Steve Cabellero and Andy Howell, have been asked to create original art for the new Rossignol twin tip ski line.

The concept is simple: 7 Skis, 7 Artists, and a mission to artistically express the 7 Deadly Sins.

Curated by Spacejunk gallery, the Seven Artistic Sins project provides a canvas for the artists who's work drives the board culture movement. The art created for the Seven Artistic Sins will be showcased globally in exhibitions, websites, and gallery books, thus injecting fresh, artistic, cultural relevancy into the ski world.

With the seven artistic sins, skis are not just generic graphics and sidecuts, They become ride-able art. The only odd thing you'll notice is that two of them seem to have depicted "greed" and no one seems to have depicted "pride" at least not according to the information from the project.

Check them out.

S7 By Steve Caballero (GLUTTONY)

artwork detail:

S6 By Caia Koopman (SLOTH)

artwork detail:

S5 BC by Will Barras (GREED)

artwork detail:

S4 by Squindo (WRATH)

artwork detail:

S3 BC by Andrew Pommier (LUST)

artwork detail:

S2 Park by Mr. Jago (ENVY)

artwork detail:

S1 Park by Andy Howell (another GREED- there's no PRIDE depicted)

artwork detail:


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