An International Holiday For Dogs? Well, It's About Time.

My regular readers and personal friends all know how I feel about dogs: I'm crazy for them. I share my life with Indie, my second jack russell terrier, a rescue who likes eating paper and chasing her tail. My first dog, a jack russell terrier named Abbey, passed away at age 14 a year and a half ago, and I found that having dogs in my life truly enhances all aspects of it.

Pedigree feels the same way (their great ad campaign from the talented people at TBWA/Chiat Day is proof of that) and with their Dogs Rule Day is celebrating that very fact.

They have organized an actual International Holiday for Dogs to be celebrated on October 11th of this year- and hopefully each year in the future.

And why not? We have father's, mother's and grandparents day. Hell we even have arbor day (yep, a day for trees). Don't our furry friends deserve to have one day a year set aside to lay around and do nothing? Oh, wait.. that's what they do every day. Nevertheless, I love the concept of a Dogs Rule Day.

To celebrate, Dogs Rule Day has a site where people can upload images of their four legged companions complete with sweet (or not-so-sweet) stories about them.

The site also contains posters you can print out and post up, wallpaper for your computer and even an avatar you can download.

For those of you who have no idea how to revel in this canine celebration, never fear. Their list of 101 ways to celebrate the day is hilarious. For example, my personal favorite: Tip #13. If you have a Border Collie, pretend to be a sheep.

Of course, a holiday isn't official until you wear it emblazoned on a T-shirt:

Buy yours here.

Like Pedigree, I do believe that dogs make the world a better place. So join in the celebration, share your story, buy a t-shirt, download a poster, or rub a random dog's belly.

The Official Dogs Rule Day site.

Join the celebration on facebook here.
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