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Lavazza Continues Their Tradition Of Stunning Calendars With Annie Leibovitz for 2009

I'm a huge fan of Lavazza products, the company and their corporate culture. And each year I look forward to their new calendar, which is unparalleled in its quality and production. Armando Testa of Italy deserves as much of the credit as does Lavazza. A collaboration that has yielded some of the most impressive forms of communication for Lavazza's product lines for 48 years now!

Last year I did a long post on their 2008 Majestic Calendar and this year, I will continue the tradition with their newest release. To learn more about the past calendars, shot by the world's greatest photographers including Helmut Newton, Albert Watson, David LaChapelle, Elliot Erwitt, Erwin Olaf, Eugenio Recuenco and more, go here.

Focusing on the best Italy has to offer from history, art and cinema to food, this years' calendar is "The Italian Espresso Experience" and celebrates things ultimately and divinely Italian. From the Colosseum and Leonardo Da Vinci to spaghetti and romance.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz, Nicola Crivelli, the Director of Client Services for Armando Testa in Italy (who has been involved in all 17 amazing calendars), Creative Director Michele Mariani, art director Andrea Lantelme and copywriter Cristiano Nardo have continued the tradition of lust-worthy calendars with this one for 2009.

Below are all the photos from the stunning calendar, just off the presses. The calendar also features Italian supermodel Electtra Rossellini Wiedemann, daughter of Isabella Rossellini in the image for September/October.

The models are:

The Cover:













Annie Leibovitz is probably the most well-known living photographer in the world today and an impressive addition to the roster of world-class photographers for Lavazza. Below are some photos from 'backstage' at the shoot:

And here's the "making of video":

 Unfortunately, these calendars are not available for purchase, so you'll have to scour ebay in hopes of getting your hands on one. Please don't bother writing me asking where you can get one and no, mine is not for sale :) Psst. try ebay..every once in awhile you can find one.

To see last year's Majestic Experience Calendar, shot by Finlay Mackay, go here. To see Annie Leibovitz' equally magical shots for Disney's Dream Portraits series, go here. To see more of Armando Testa's impressive work, go here.

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