Hand Gesture Candles from Atelier WM

L'atelier WM is a a group of young artists founded in Paris in 2008. They have a line of colorful candles, both in looks and attitude. Hands making gestures cast from real hands and whose burn time is approximately 3 hours each.

Cross your fingers:

Heavy Metal:

Live Long And Prosper:

Fuck You:

Above packaging created by Wakey of France.

They claim their candles shown above are for sale at colette , at the Black Block of the Palais de Tokyo , at the Printemps Design of the Centre Pompidou and at the Sam Concept store in France but they do not yet seem to be available.

Now available at A+R here.


Anonymous said...

What, no shocker!?

Laura Sweet said...

Nope. Alas, no shocker.
And for those of you who don't know what that is, you can see it by going here:

Jérôme said...

well thanks for the link to wiki for the shocker
I guess the reason the artists haven't made a shocker candle is that we really don't use that in France, I had never heard of it before :)

Anonymous said...

i dont think anyone in the united states "actually" uses the shocker either (maybe porn stars). however its still a necessary candle

Kacy said...

these are pretty cool actually

Cheap Memory said...

I loved the "fck you" candle..

where can I buy this from ?


Laura Sweet said...

the links to purchase are at the end of the post.

lofa said...

I'll take a few of those middle finger candles.

640-802 said...

these hand gesture candles are very cool,where can i buy it?

Laura Sweet said...

The links to purchase are at the end of the post.

Shopping Directory said...

Those candles are cast from real hands and come with real attitude. and also great way to add ambiance to a home, especially since they come in all sorts of styles and varieties. Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Need the ASU pitchfork hand! (which is close to "the shocker")

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.

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