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Funky Find Of The Week:
Paper AK-47 Assault Rifle Kit

The AK-47, also called the Kalashnikov after its inventor, is one of the most successful industrial products of all time. Since its introduction in 1947, an estimated 80 million AK-47s have been built. Its success is based not only on its resourceful construction, but also its affordable production, dependability, functionality and high demand. The AK-47 is one of the icons of the twentieth century, but it is also a deadly weapon.

However with this one, the worst wound you can inflict is a paper cut. For a new art project, designer Martin Postler investigated the history, aesthetics and lethal seductiveness of the Kalashnikov. He has freed the AK-47 from its terrible capacity to injure and kill by deconstructing it into a paper model construction set. When you're done building it, you can decide if they would like to hang it on the wall, paint it, customize it with stickers or simply burn it.

Some words of advice: Not recommended for people under age 18. Recommended for experienced crafters only. Construction time depends on handcrafting abilities, it takes a while, that much is clear. Does not contain glue and cutter.

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