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Poking Fun By Poking Around At Palin As President Site

This fun website invites you to click all over Sarah Palin as she sits in the oval office for some tongue in cheek poking at her and her policies. From "Drill Baby Drill" to "lipstick on a pit bull", Sarah's unforgettable comments are humorously immortalized in this flash site designed solely for fun.

Above: Be sure to click on the 'red phone' too.

This is the type of site that someone sends you via e-mail or IM and you immediately think to yourself "someone has too much time on their hands." Nevertheless, you find yourself drawn in and amused, if not absorbed, by the clever and sarcastic images and actions on this interactive page.

Above: Clever and hilarious narratives appear behind the side door each time you click on it; from the poisoning of Katie Couric, to book burning and bunny hunting.

Be sure to have your volume turned up and click on everything you can, multiple times as well, since some of the scenes change each time you poke on them.

Before clicking:

After some clicking:

Even more fun is that the site is updated daily until November 4th, incorporating all the latest 'news'. So you'll have to bookmark it and go back day after day.

Above: Joe the Plumber's Van is a recent addition

Close up (before):

Close-up (after):

Sean Ohlenkamp, Art director and programmer/animator
Steve Yee, Art director
Forrest Boleyn, Writer
Rebekkah Voss, Voice

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