Hidden Desire To Spin? Fulfill Your Fantasy Via This Samsung Web Promotion From The Woo Agency.

If you haven't yet experienced it, I want to share with you this promotion by Samsung for the Q1 Ultra, a phone/pda/gps/portable MP3 dj mixing handheld device. It's a chance for you to live out your Disc Jockey fantasy.

Created by the multi talented folks at the Woo agency and directed by Little X , it stars Keys & Cut Chemist and turns you into a Virtual DJ.

It's definitely worth exploring. The engaging film style puts you in the nightclub via a first person POV angle and a series of fun, easy to answer questions leads you to the ability to 'mix' your own music, thereby fulfilling your DJ fantasy.

Above: You start by picking your sex so your options are tailored

Steve Hall of Ad Rants writes:
"Engaging. Interactive. Immersive. Yup, they're overused buzzwords but they do a pretty good job describing this new Woo Agency-created work for Indamixx's and Samsung's DJ Fantasy, an example of the computer maker's vertical market applications for its mobile computer Q1 Ultra. The Q1 Ultra is a very cool looking portable computer which celebrity DJ Cut Chemist is endorsing.

The works falls into the choose your own adventure category as you ride a limo to the club where you will be guest DJing...with the Q1, of course.

Above: Getting in the limo and boozing it up with cyber friends

Above: Okay, so my 'rapper' name is Sweet One, no grief please.

Hall continues "As you are led through the club, you can check out the VIP room, dance with hotties of your choice, and step up to the DJ platform and do your thing using an actual Q1 Ulta interface. The only thing maddeningly unlikable about this work is the lame, wigger-like rap talk and fist bumping that's prevalent throughout.
A product like this might just might bring out my inner DJ that's been dormant since back in the day when vinyl ruled the tables."

Above: being greeted by club-goers

Above: the fantasy can play out differently depending upon options chosen during the experience

Above: choosing your 'go-go' dancers

Above: reaching the DJ table

Above: choosing your musical genre

Above: mixing your own tunes to spin acquaints you with the Q1 interface.

Above: And in smart social media form, you can send your fantasy to a friend or play it again.

Of course, the site is not without product information, but it is tastefully integrated at the end.

So, what are you waiting for? Start spinning here.

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