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Modern Mosaic Art For Interiors, Tubs, Lamps & Rugs: SICIS - The Art Factory

With showrooms in Milan and New York, SICIS The Art Factory does things with mosaics for both residential and commercial spaces that are contemporary, fun, elegant, functional and frankly, unmatched.

A huge selection of everything from rugs (which are backed and ready to put on the floor) to wall tiles, lamps, mirrors, mannequins, sculptures and bathtubs, SICIS has taken the ancient art of mosaic and translated it to modern and contemporary interiors.

I can hardly show you all of their pieces , so I'll share with you some of my favorite collections of theirs.

Their Pin-Up collection is a series of mosaics that are either mounted as individual cut out wall pieces or as part of a wall mural:

Their bathtubs are available in traditional or modern silhouettes with several designs:

They also have several mosaic rug collections:

Their Pix All collection is a stunning alternative to wallpaper:

They create unusual wall tiles with inlaid mosaics too:

They have a stunning and varied selection of mirrors:

The Tip Toe Lamp comes in varied mosaic patterns and your choice of three different lampshades:

And even sell mosaic sculptures and mannequins:

The Hedonism collection is a series of black and white nudes for the wall:

There's much more to look at on their site.

Contact info:
Showroom Milano
48100 Ravenna, Italy
Ph +39 0544 469711

North America, Inc
470 Broome Street
New York, NY 10013
Ph 212 965 4100

See the recently updated post that includes their newest high-heeled bathtubs, The Audrey and their new Atmosphera lighting collection here.

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