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Punking People Perfectly On April Fool's Day: Virgin Atlantic and Lelo.

On April 1st, otherwise known as April Fool's Day, several brands decided to participate in the fun of pulling one over on their audiences by offering faux products. Two of the best were the Glass-Bottom Plane by Virgin Atlantic and The IKEA-like Vibrator, the GASM, from Lelo.

The World's First Glass-Bottom Plane from Virgin Atlantic

On April 1st, Virgin Atlantic announced on their site and blog that they are now offering flights to Scotland aboard the world's first plane with a transparent glass bottom.

The blog featured a first-person announcement from Mr. Branson of the new technology:
"I’m thrilled to announce that Virgin has created another world-first with the introduction of the technology required to produce the world’s first glass-bottomed plane. This technological innovation coincides with the start of Virgin Atlantic Airways’ first ever domestic service to Scotland.

In 1984 we started the wonderful airline that is Virgin Atlantic. I am incredibly proud of yet another aviation breakthrough which has been years in the making. I can’t wait to experience the first flight for myself with my family and other natural born explorers.

2012 was a year of celebrating what is brilliant about Great Britain and I’m excited that in 2013 we are continuing this uplifting spirit by developing an experience that will enable Little Red passengers to appreciate the beauty of the British landscape. And with an unrivalled view of Scotland I hope this gives Scottish tourism an even bigger boost.

We hope to trial the glass bottom technology with other Virgin airlines in time and have asked other Virgin companies to support this innovative trial and launch our new domestic Scottish route. This really is a team effort from all corners of Virgin." -- By Richard Branson. Founder of Virgin Group

They even phonied up partnerships for the supposed plane

The UK Mirror's broke the news that the announcement was a joke in a 3pm update of their own article about the plane.

The GASM Personal Vibrator from Lelo

Lelo took their own Swedish heritage into consideration when offering customers the Gasm, their latest green, flat-packed personal vibrator via their site and blog. The hilarious mock product included an instructive video, packaging, line art and instructions perfectly in keeping with the look and tone of the Swedish products offered by IKEA.

Our latest vibrator has a number of exciting features that include:
● Easy self-assembly in as little as 1 minute: put together your own pleasure, and save on production costs!
● On-call LELO representatives available to advise on proper assembly and use of your GӒSM – totally free, 24 hours a day!
● For a greener peace of mind, GӒSM is made from 100% recycled materials like compressed wood pulp and recycled rubber – in a lush shade of forest green!
● GӒSM is powered by a long-lasting battery fully rechargeable with manual hand-crank technology (Allen key included)
● Arrives in new flat-packaging solution for even more savings and reduced environmental impact
● Savings on assembly, shipping and storage go directly to customers, who can get GӒSM for USD 179.99

The announcement ended with the following:
"GӒSM is available from and selected retailers starting within the coming week– visit us again soon and discover how helping the planet can be a pleasure! For any further inquiries or request an opportunity to interview the designers, please contact"

Lelo's was so successful that people continue to request the Gasm from the brand.

Kudos to both brands for a great sense of humor and imagination.

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