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A Radical Resource For Lovers of Letterpress. A New Site, The Beauty Of Letterpress, Is the First Of Its Kind.

Whether you are looking to get ideas, inspiration or actual facts about paper and types of letterpressing, the newly launched website, the Beauty of Letterpress, is eye candy and education for anyone who appreciates the art of letterpress design. Wedding invitations, business cards, promotional pieces and more artfully debossed into fine paper stock that beg not only to be seen, but to be touched.

It's a website that celebrates letterpress printing and its creators with the first virtual, community-based gallery of modern letterpress samples and resources, brought to you be Neenah paper.

above: Coasters such as these by 2 Hat Design populate the site

The Beauty of Letterpress site includes their first of monthly issues, a gallery to which anyone can submit their work, a list of printers, the history of letterpress, and several other resources.

above: The site has many Wedding invitations and Save The Date cards like this one to inspire

The gallery presents letterpress work from notable letterpress printers, designers, and artisans from around the country including Rohner Letterpress, Studio on Fire, Two Paperdolls, and Mama’s Sauce. Projects include all the necessary info for you including: Paper, Paper Weight, Paper Color, Inks, Printer and the Artist/Agency.

The site features selections from a new curator each month like this first one by Jennifer James of

Letterpress history, context, educational information, community connections and a list of letterpress printers round out the site.

above: beautiful notecards like this one are all over the site

Letterpress printing continues its renaissance in the digital age because of its extraordinary beauty and tactility. “When art or type is pressed into sumptuous paper, it creates a physical impression that simply begs to be touched,” said Tom Wright, senior director of advertising and design for Neenah Paper. “ We believe the extraordinary, communicative power of letterpress printing and the community of people who make it happen deserve a special place— The Beauty of Letterpress celebrates and honors the modernity of this 500-year old craft.”

above: The site is a great place for the newly engaged to get ideas for their wedding invitations like the fun one shown above

above: plentiful creative and unique business cards, like this one above for Rabbit Hole, can be found on the site

While developing this virtual letterpress home for the 21 st century, the creators could not help but consider the physical move of Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum ( the landmark institution preserving the rich history and assets of letterpress dating to the birth of letterpress in the 15th century.

The Beauty of Letterpress launches with a Neenah Paper, Inc. initiative to help raise $30,000 in funds for the Museum’s move through matching donations and gifts of limited edition prints to designers, letterpress printers and admirers of this craft.

In addition to featuring the work of artists, The Beauty of Letterpress highlights CRANE Papers and Neenah Paper and offers paper samples, videos and many community resources. Letterpress printers, designers, lovers and aficionados are invited to submit work to The Beauty of Letterpress, subscribe to the RSS to see new work in real-time, and join its dedicated online communities on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, @BoLetterPress.

The Beauty Of Letterpress

The Beauty of Letterpress is a sister site to The Beauty of Engraving launched by Neenah Paper last year. Both initiatives were developed in partnership with Two Paperdolls and feature CRANE® Papers. CRANE’S LETTRA® Papers, CRANE’S CREST® Papers and CRANE’S BOND® Papers are marketed and sold by Neenah Paper.

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