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30 Pics, Inside and Out, Of A Breathtaking 9,000 Sq Foot Modern Home Overlooking The Pacific Ocean.

The Ziering Residence in California's Pacific Palisades is a 9,000 sq foot private residence with a three car garage, a swimming pool, evacuated tube solar collectors, radiant floor heating and IPE wood siding.

Designed by Zoltan Pali of SPF:architects and constructed by Winters-Shram associates, the sweeping curved modern home overlooks the ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains.

It was crucial to preserve the views of the neighboring homes to obtain approval from the neighborhood residential association. Addressing this constraint provided the signature formal gesture of the gently rising roofline.

The elegant, comfortable and accessible interior design by Chimera Interiors is perfectly suited to the modern open floor plan.

•You can view images of the Ziering Home residence construction here.

•Interior photos of Chimera Interior Design by Samuel C. Frost

• Exterior home photos for SPF by Bruce Damonte

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