Introducing Jaw Drop Coolers. Fun Flavored Alcoholic Beverages In Fabulously Designed Cans.

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, The Jaw Drop Cooler Co. was launched in Spring of 2012 by Aquilini Brands - best known for their real estate holdings but who also launched the 2011 Bassano Hard Soda, which seems to have been replaced by this new collection of flavored vodka and malt beverage coolers.

The line began with two flavors, in eye-catching can designs: Sucking Lemons and Puckering Punch. Squeezing Melons and Licking Limes are the two latest flavors to join the line. At one point, Biting Oranges and Blowing Rasberries seemed to be amongst the flavors, but I believe those flavors have been retired.

The original Jaw Drop Cooler. Sucking Lemon's blend of bubbly citrus has been turning company picnics into raves since 2012. Take a big gulp of life and try this tasty beverage.

The nostalgia of punch fused with grown-up vodka refreshment = ultimate cooler bliss. If you’re down for a mouth-watering combination of cherries and Tropical flavours, then Puckering Punch is the drink for you.

Fresh! Tangy! Yes! Licking Limes is succulent yet not-too-sweet, with the universally satisfying taste of limes.

Spilling over with voluptuous watermelon flavour! This fun, crimson slush bounces right up in your face and delights the senses.

Note: The Canadian beverages contain 7% alcohol while the US beverages contain 12%.

Package Design
Brand Ever was responsible for the terrific brand identity including the naming, fabulous packaging, and collateral designed for the products.

Available in Canada:
•SUCKING LEMONS - 7% Vodka Cooler
•PUCKERING PUNCH - 7% Vodka Cooler
•**NEW** SQUEEZING MELONS - 7% Vodka Cooler
•**NEW** LICKING LIMES - 7% Vodka Cooler

Available in USA:
•SUCKING LEMONS - 12% Flavored Malt Beverage
•PUCKERING PUNCH - 12% Flavored Malt Beverage
•BITING ORANGES - 12% Flavored Malt Beverage

Jaw Drop Coolers Co.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.