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The Suntro House by Jorge Hernandez de la Garza

Get a load of the stunning and modern Suntro House by Jorge Hernandez de la Garza in Morelos, Mexico.

The following text is courtesy of the architect:
This house is located in a residential area of Oaxtepec, a place of exceptional natural beauty. It is contiguous to the north with the hill of Tepozteco and to the south with a highway that leads to Haciendas de Yautepec. The lot is oriented to the northeast with a splendid sight of the Tepozteco.

The natural light is filtered through the folds of the house in the shape of rays that softly flood the spaces. Reflections and shadows on walls and ceilings animate the interior.

The shape responds to the hard hotness of the site, to place every space in the best way inside of a curved skin that opens to the immediate context to obtain the best climate and views to allow the wind to circulate and cool the house.

The topography presents an unevenness that was approached for the pool to stay at streets level letting the rest of the house be lowered to midlevel. The organization takes place in a clear horizontal division of the house locating in the ground floor the public and recreation areas and in the top floor the dormitories connected with the lower floor by an inner-outer circulation.

The different habitable spaces fit in a transparent area that makes its continuity with the exterior by the concrete floor that extends to the open areas, allowing the users to move in a fluid space without obstacles.

The front appears slender with a great sense of lightness as if it were only a volume floating over the living and dining room, this sensation changes with perspective, as the planes create volumes and empty spaces, resulting in a rationally controlled formal experiment.

Architects: Jorge Hernandez de la Garza
Location: Oaxtepec, Mexico
Design team: Carlos Rubio Martinez
Project Year: 2007
Furniture: Gandiablasco By Designet
Art: Victor Reyes
Sculptures: Alfonso Magaña
Photographs: Paul Czitrom

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