Forget Pitching to Hollywood. Zach Braff Raises $1.9 Million in 2 Days on Kickstarter.

Actor-director Zach Braff is killing it on Kickstarter. He has forgone traditional ways of getting Hollywood backing and has raised $1.9 million (and counting) in two days on the crowdsourcing platform, for "Wish I Was Here," his follow-up to "Garden State." His goal was to reach $2 million in funding in a month.

above: Zach wrote the move with his brother Adam last summer.

His pitch on Kickstarter launched two days ago, April 24th and as of 7:30pm April 26th (Pacific Time) he has raised $1,916,889 from 27,135 backers. He still has 27 days to reach his $2,000,000 goal, which he obviously will surpass.

His earnest and likeable video pitch on Kickstarter has appearances by Jim Parsons, Donald Faison and Chris Hardwick:

Cinematographer Larry Sher, who shot Zach's first film, Garden State, as well as the hangover franchise, has agreed to shoot "Wish I Was Here":

Here is a drawing of the film's characters by Colin Fix (the film in NOT animated):

To get all the details about the film or to become a supporter and see what goodies various pledges will get you, visit Zach's Kickstarter project.


neo said...

I think it was Donald Faison, not Cuba Good Jr. in the Kickstarter short? Regardless, I'm glad it looks like the movie will get made.

Anonymous said...

Yep, NOT Cuba Gooding Jr. He introduces Faison in the video....

laura sweet said...

Yes, you are both correct and I was stupidly (and embarrassingly wrong and have since corrected the post.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.