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Typographic Furniture. Chairs That Talk And Lamps That Punctuate.

More fun 'Font Furniture' has hit the market. In addition to the Fontables Tables, The Letter Furniture from Set 26Saporiti's Letter Bookcases, The Alphabet Chest, Letter Lights, and ABC lamps, you can add Typographia by Tabisso of France to that list. A fabulous furniture collection of letters and numbers, from A to Z and 0 to 9.

The TABISSO® lounge collection consists of chairs including all letters and numbers, a set of floor lamps covering more than 20 punctuation marks, and low tables to complete the set.

Totally fun and innovative with a high-end target in terms of quality, this new furniture concept allows creative solutions blending interior design and communication — ideal for the project market and the planning of corporate, public and private interiors.

The Lounges at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design):

The Lounges in the Pax Hotel in Switzerland:

The letter forms are upholstered in either Stolz® leather or Kvadrat textiles (Divina 3, Divina Mélange 2, Hot, Lucca 1+2, Tindra, Topas 2) and placed in a wooden shell of European Beechwood that is available in black, white or naturally varnished. The chairs sit atop a metal base that is available in powder coated colors of black or white satin.

Development of custom models to fit your interior, corporate identity or logo, from various fonts, alphabets, pictograms, ideograms and much more are available. Made-to-order in 6 to 8 weeks standard lead-time, along your specifications and 100% Made in France.

TABISSO® cares about sustainability with regards to materials and manufacturing — wood is European and certified from sustainably managed forests, manufacturing is entirely local in France. Socially responsible, a charity program is intended to sponsor basic literacy material to elementary schools in developing countries.

1, Bd Paul Leferme
44600 Saint Nazaire - FRANCE
T. +33 640 585 790

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