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Truth and Lies: A Poster Series by Justin Barber

Little white lies turned into sixteen different minimalist graphic art posters by Justin Barber.

"This humorous poster series takes some of the most common, everyday lies we tell ourselves and hear from others, and bluntly translates them into the unequivocal truth. By visually representing the difference in what we often say but secretly mean, Truth and Lies uncovers the inane conversational nuances that reveal paradoxical dichotomies in our otherwise ordinary life. In other words, this is what you say, but (this is what you mean) - and we all know it." - Justin Barber

About the artist:
Justin Barber was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan - but is currently located in Savannah, Georgia. Justin Barber is a freelance graphic designer who specializes in branding and identity. His work has been recognized by Apple, Behance and International Designers Network, among others.

Freelance Graphic Designer
Location: Savannah, GA, USA

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