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Modern Wood Outdoor Pavilion With Stainless Steel Shutters

Originally designed as a full-service tea-house, this private commission for an outdoor pavilion is like a super cool modern fort made of planed larch wood with window shutters of high-polished stainless steel.

The outdoor structure has unusual niches and angular walls that function as built in seats when seat cushions are added.

Over time the wood will age and weather as the high polish stainless steel shutters act like mirrors reflecting the surrounding landscape.

A ladder leads up to the rooftop which acts like a sundeck:

all images courtesy of Baumhauer Architecture

Materials: larch wood, OSB, High luster polished stainless steel
Designed by Philipp Baumhauer with Karoline Markus

a special thanks to Florence Deau of Reflexdeco for bringing this to my attention

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