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Justice Bodan Does Disney Signature, A Special Collection Of Magical Belt Buckles.

From Prince Charming's family crest to a highly stylized "poison apple", this unique and special collection of bronze and sterling silver belt buckles are designed with Disney lovers in mind.

I've introduced you to David Greico and his gorgeous Justice Bodan collection of hand cast belt buckles, leather goods and jewelry and I've blogged about several of Disney's Signature Collections before as well. Now, a collaboration between the two brings us a stylish collection of belt buckles inspired by the Magical Kingdom.

The Dream Buckle (Mickey Mouse):

The Willpower Buckle (Tinkerbell):

The Destiny Buckle (the poison apple):

The Creativity Buckle (Stylized Mickey Ears):

The Inspired Buckle (Button From Mickey's Shorts):

The Strength Buckle (Prince Charming Crest):

Photos by Jonathan Neil Schneider

Each beautifully crafted buckle is available in bronze ($225), white bronze ($245) or sterling silver ($1,200 - $1,210)with your choiceof a brown or black leather belt.

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