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Agent Provocateur Launches New Campaign With Lingerie Lookbook And Short Film From RSA.

Known for their luxurious and sexy lingerie, Agent Provocateur has just launched its new Betty Sue campaign featuring Kirsty Hume in a a two minute film by Ridley Scott's production company, RSA. The short film accompanies a print campaign and lookbook of filmic stills (all shown in this post) and video shorts. These individual elements of the campaign support an Autumn/Winter 2010 lingerie collection which takes inspiration from strong female protagonists from late 20th Century Hollywood cinema.

First, the images of the new lingerie collection from the Agent Provocateur Look Book. Shot as if you were peeking into a private hotel room via the peep hole, the images purposely obscure the face of the model and allow you to focus on her well-endowed body, clad in the new lingerie.

The Agent Provocateur Look Book:

The "Peeping Tom"-like look book images above each have a very sexy 20 second film accompanying them on the website.

above: screen grabs of the purposely grainy 20 second videos which accompany the look book.

The short film for the campaign, "Betty Sue" features the stunning and sexy Kirsty Hume donning a red wig:

Agent Provocateur's Creative Director, Sarah Shotton, explains the casting of Kirsty Hume as Betty Sue: "Kirsty became a top model in the 1990s. She represents our perfect woman, a woman with a family that oozes unbelievable intelligence, sensuality, personality and confidence. She has a film noir, feline quality to her that I felt had a brilliant synergy with Agent Provocateur."

above: Agent Provocateur's new Creative Director Sarah Shotton

Director RSA UK's Johan Renck says 'I enjoy knickers, they are a glorious garment. We all do the most we can to get as close to knickers as possible.'

The 2 Minute Film:

The behind the scenes video:

Some stills from the "Betty Sue" film, courtesy of Wallpaper:

Creative Team Director: Johan Renck, RSA Films Creative Direction: Sarah Shotton, Agent Provocateur Model: Kirsty Hume at Premier Model Management Hair: James Brown Make Up: Ashley Ward at CLM

Shop the collection at Agent Provocateur.

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