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New Architectural Rings From Philippe Tournaire - Archipolis, Paris, Moscow, New York & More.

above: Philippe Tournaire's New York Ring in white gold with an aquamarine representing the Chrysler building

One of my favorite posts of all time was the one in which I featured the amazing Villa de Reve Collection (dreamhouse rings) by jeweller Philippe Tournaire. The miniature custom hand crafted replicas of personal residences, mansions and villas in rose, yellow, white gold and platinum, some accented with gemstones are still on my "If-I-Ever-Win-The-Lottery" list.

Now I have more to add to that list because Philippe Tournaire has introduced some new rings to his architectural jewelry collection.

New versions of his Oriental Palaces, Venice Villas, Paris, New York City, Moscow and even a Log Cabin rings are now available. In addition to those, he has recently introduced an Archipolis ring, an imagined and mysterious city, laden with diamonds and/or gemstones and available in various golds and platinum.

The latest New York City Rings are stunning whether cast in platinum, white gold, yellow gold and set with gems or a single diamond.

In platinum with diamond:

in white gold with diamond:

Or cast in a combination of rose and white gold:

Or, as originally shown in my first post, in all yellow gold:

The new Paris ring is amazing. It has a shank which is the Eiffel tower wrapped upside down around your finger and even includes a perfect little replica of the Notre Dame Cathedral's Facade. Shown cast in rose and yellow and all yellow gold.

Tournaire turned Moscow's Saint Basil Cathedral into a grand rose gold ring complete with enameled "onion tops":

His new Chapelle San Lillo (Chapel San Miguel de Lillo in Oviedo) ring in rose and yellow gold and with aquamarine gem:

His new Village rings are like little European city squares and can be set with single or multiple faceted gemstones, cabochons, diamonds or available in all gold or platinum:

Additions to his Oriental Palace rings include a new Pagoda ring with rose and yellow gold:

and a new smaller Dubai Palace ring with a cabochon amethyst and diamonds:

And a rose and yellow gold Luxurious Log Cabin ring:

The new Archipolis ring.
An imaginary city shown in rose gold with pink sapphires and diamonds:

Archipolis ring in white gold with sapphires and diamonds, in platinum with diamonds and in yellow gold with pink sapphires and white diamonds:

Archipolis ring in yellow gold with amber, cognac, black and white diamonds:

Next up? Philippe is presently working on London rings. Don't forget to see his custom Dream House rings here.

To learn more about these amazing architectural rings or to have a replica of your own home or villa made, go here.

all images courtesy of Philippe Tournaire

Contact info:
Email :
8,rue Tupinerie - 42600 MONTBRISON (Siège) - Tél. 04 77 96 08 84
103, rue Edouard Herriot - 69002 LYON - Tél. 04 78 92 93 94
7, Place Vendôme - 75001 PARIS - Tél. 01 40 20 00 19

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