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Mod Miniatures & Videos for Chillout Sessions XI & XII

above: An homage to Frank Lloyd Wright & Neutra in miniature graced the Chillout Sessions XII CD and a California style hotel with a lagoon graced the cover of the Chillout Sessions XI CD

Designer Andrew van der Westhuyzen of Collider has created album/CD covers and designs for Australia's Ministry of Sound for years.

For music compilations, Chillout Sessions XI and XII, he combined several of my favorite things - music, architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, Swimming pools, and miniatures. The results are little worlds of escapism that when photographed and filmed up close have a tilt-shift look.

The models were shot close-up along with supers pointing at the figurines naming various artists on the albums for tv promos (shown later in this post).

Chillout Sessions XII:

video promo:

stills from a longer video promo:  
Chillout Sessions XI:

The video promo:

Chillout Sessions XI photography by Sarah Nguyen and cinematography by Brycen Horne You can see Andrew van der Westhuyzen's previous designs for Chillout Sessions 7 here. and his design for their Ministry of Sound Annual 2006 here.

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