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Modern Residence By Thomas Laurens de Bakker Centers Around Unusual Staircase.

Thomas Laurens de Bakker is an Amsterdam based designer with great knowledge of production techniques and building materials. He has been running multifaceted design and building projects since 2000 under the name Thomas Laurens.

above: Industrial designer Thomas Laurens de Bakker

His self-described design style is that of contemporary design with organic influences and he feels that "environments should support the multitude of human emotions we might experience in our lives and give us room to find comfort for each state of mind alike."

One of his designs is this private residence, a two story home with an industrial minimalist appearance whose focal point is a very unique staircase:



Upstairs, the wood and brushed steel staircase has a glass enclosure:

Bertelmanstraat 61
1075 LV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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