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5 Artist Painted Eames Rockers Are The Bait In Herman Miller's Design For You Contest

As a company Herman Miller is known for great design and working for a better world around you. Their new DESIGN FOR YOU contest, which began September 8 and continues through November 2nd, is a smart marketing ploy for Herman Miller to add people to their database. By entering, you are signing up for the Herman Miller Lifework (Retail) e-mail subscription. The more people who enter, the better the prizes.

How exactly does it work?

As more people submit their e-mail adresses, more prizes are unlocked. Each prize is better than the last.

For the grand prize, you could win one of five artist painted Eames Rockers by Andrew Holder, Philip Lumbang, Christopher Lee, Mark Giglio, and Josh Cochran. Each chair is one-of-a-kind (more pics of each chair later in the post).

See detailed images of all the chairs after the making of video below.

The 5 Artist decorated Eames Shell Rocker Chairs:  

Andrew Holder:


Christopher Lee:


Phil Lumbang:


Josh Cochran:


Mark Giglio:

  A drawing takes place each week if they reach the sign-up goal for that week. If they don’t meet the goal, there is no drawing. The contest goes on to the next prize. Design for You Contest Prize List: (1) Herman Miller Design coffee table book autographed by John Berry. Unlocked at 100 entries to be awarded. (1) Eames Hang-It-All. Requires at least 250 entries to be awarded. (1) Steve Frykholm autographed Lemonade Herman Miller picnic poster. Requires at least 500 entries to be awarded. (1) Leaf light. Requires at least 1,000 entries to be awarded. (1) Setu task chair (slate grey frame / Alpine Lyris). Requires at least 2,500 entries to be awarded. (1) Eames molded plywood splint. Requires at least 5,000 entries to be awarded. (1) Embody chair (white frame and mango textile) (IRS Form 1099 required). Requires at least 7,500 entries to be awarded. (5) Grand prizes, hand-painted Eames Plastic Armchair with Rocker Base (IRS Form 1099 required). Requires at least 10,000 entries to be awarded. (1) Aeron chair (IRS Form 1099 required). Prize awarded to the entrant who refers the most people to successfully enter the contest. Legitimate entries will count as a "referral". No credit will be given for invalid e-mail addresses or entries. The last prize listed above is the one thing I don't like about the contest. This part is as akin to spam as it gets... if you get the most people to sign up by entering a ton of email addresses, you are entered in a drawing and can win an Aeron chair, but you can skip that part.


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