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Nostalgia On Canvas. Allan Innman Paints Our Favorite Childhood Toys.

above: Full Metal Jacket, oil on canvas
If toys from your childhood like Mr. Potato Head, plastic Cowboys and Indians, Lego®s, Strawberry Shortcake, Play•Doh and View-Masters take you back, the paintings of Allan Innman will be like a trip down memory lane.

above: Dump Truck, oil on canvas, mounted on board

Rendered in oils and acrylics, Allan paints classic toys from the 70s and 80s in a realism style, capturing their colors and spirit. From Gumby and Pokey to Talking Teddy Ruxpin, his collection of works called "Back In The Day" will have yearning to bring out that Susie Bake Oven or indulge in some paste-eating.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Blue Play Doh:

Turnin' The Corner:

Here's Looking At You Kid (Lego Minifig):


Lime Chiffon At Charmkin's Flower Mill:

Cowboys and Indians:

Sunday Afternoon Nap (Teddy Ruxpin)
Pretty Pony:
Tater Head:

The View Master:

Gumby and Pokey:

Assorted Toys:

In the artist's own words:

I was born and raised in Oxford, Mississippi. In May 2006, I graduated with a BFA degree in Graphic Design from The University of Mississippi. I currently work for the University of Mississippi Department of Art as the Visual Resources Specialist maintaining the slide library and digital image library.

above: Allan in his studio

My interest in art extends to all sorts of different mediums. In the past, I have pursued design, printmaking, and painting. My current series of paintings focuses on the idea of evoking nostalgia through childhood toys.

Allan is also an accomplished landscape painter and works in mixed media as well. See all of his work here.

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