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Misha Kahn's Cabinet. Everything In (And Out Of) It's Place.

An awesome cabinet project by student Misha Kahn. Raised in Duluth, Minneapolis, the furniture designer (RISD, class of 2011) devised a way to keep everything in its place. And a great looking piece when everything is out of it's place.

His (yes, Misha is male) description of the piece:
"After scanning the hoards of chachkis (sic)* lying on my bedroom floor I printed out life size puzzle pieces and arranged them into this curious thought bubble. Constructed of laser cut mdf, and pink foam, then fiberglassed and coated with molded polysterene. The interior is painted and flocked, with hardwood (dovetailed) drawers, and door. Stands 7 feet’ 6” inches high.
*I know he meant tchotchkes, I spoke with him ;)

See more of Misha's wonderful work at his site.
Thanks to Apartment Therapy for bringing Misha to my attention.

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