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The Official Etch A Sketch iPad Case From Headcase.

Headcase™, in partnership with The Ohio Art Company, has just introduced the first and only officially licensed Etch A Sketch® iPad case! Now, the world’s most popular drawing toy provides a fun backdrop for the most revolutionary device ever conceived by Apple.

Etch A Sketch® is celebrating its 50th year and over 150 million units sold. The iPad sold over 3 million units in its first 80 days, prompting the USA Today front-page article: “Etch A Sketch: The 1960’s iPad”.

Daniel Deutsch, CEO of Headcase explains, “Etch A Sketch® has been one of the most recognized and iconic toys for generations. The iPad, like the Etch A Sketch®, is also instantly recognizable and has defined an entirely new category of technology. It has been a thrill to work with Ohio Art to bring the look and the feel of the world’s most popular drawing toy to Apple’s latest opus. It is the perfect accessory for those of us who never really grew up.”

While the Etch A Sketch® iPad case looks like America’s favorite toy, there has been equal attention placed on making it a high quality protective case. Made of impact resistant ABS plastic, the Etch A Sketch® iPad case will help protect your iPad. Rubber feet and a felt backing gently cradle your iPad inside the Etch A Sketch® iPad case.

Strategically placed windows throughout the Etch A Sketch® iPad case allow for easy use of all your iPad switches, ports, and buttons.

A retractable kick stand allowS you to either lay your iPad flat, or angle it for easy use of the keyboard.

The Etch a Sketch® iPad case is available for purchase for $39.00 USD here


I’ve heard horror stories about some iPad cases overheating iPads. Will that happen with my Etch A Sketch® iPad case?
No. Unlike many silicone or leather iPad cases, the Etch A Sketch® iPad case is designed to let your iPad have the proper ventilation for cooling.

Will I be able to easily access my switches, ports, and buttons?
Yes. The Etch A Sketch® iPad case was designed specifically for the iPad – it may look like an Etch A Sketch®, but no corners were cut in making it the highest quality iPad case possible.

Is Headcase the only maker of the Etch A Sketch® iPad case?
Yes, Headcase™ has an exclusive agreement with Ohio Art, the makers of Etch A Sketch®. The Etch A Sketch® iPad case is the only officially licensed iPad product available anywhere.

Will the Etch A Sketch® iPad case help protect my iPad?
Of course. While no iPad case can make any specific guarantees, the Etch A Sketch® iPad case is made of impact resistant plastic. We are proud of the Etch A Sketch® iPad case’s durability.

Buy it now.

Headcase™ is a division of Real Simple Ideas LLC, an Orlando, FL based product development company. With in-house design and prototyping capabilities, ideas go from conception to distribution in record time. Headcase™ is a trademark of Real Simple Ideas, LLC. Etch A Sketch® is a trademark of The Ohio Art Company iPad™ is a trademark of Apple®, inc.

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