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Apple MacBook Pro Wood Cutting Board! In All Three Sizes.

We Apple lovers and Mac users really covet our products and anything inspired by them. Talented people all over the world continue to create clever items as an homage to the products by the Cupertino based company.

The latest find is this Apple Pro Board (Apfelbrett Pro) from THISMADE. A functional oiled wood (food grade) cutting board shaped like a 13", 15" or 17" MacBook Pro (actually, the older MacBook Pro or the newest Macbook, because it has rounded corners).

My favorite part? It comes complete with super clever halved apple logo debossed into it:

all images courtesy of thismade.

It's presently sold out in all three sizes (told you we love our Mac-inspired products), they are expecting more in November.

Prices (in Swiss Francs)
Apfelbrett Pro Cuttingboard 13" CHF 78.-/Stk. + Postage
Apfelbrett Pro Cuttingboard 15" CHF 87.-/Stk. + Postage
Apfelbrett Pro Cuttingboard 17" CHF 96.-/Stk. + Postage
Available: November 2010

Prices (in US Dollars)
Apfelbrett Pro Cuttingboard 13" $77.25 + Postage
Apfelbrett Pro Cuttingboard 15" $86.16 + Postage
Apfelbrett Pro Cuttingboard 17" $95 + Postage
Available: November 2010

Order them here.

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