One Darn Cool Pool. Swimming At The Casa Devoto (Devoto House) In Argentina.

Andres Remy Architects designed this private residence for a couple with two children in Devoto, Argentina. The home, situated on an 18 x 24 meter lot, is a modern, luxurious home with an open floor plan, most of which has angles which allow one to view the unusual above ground pool.

While the entire home is nicely designed, it's the pool that I was really drawn to. With it's see-through window, flush wooden deck and split level interior.

The pool reminds me of one of my other favorite swimming pools (I have many). That within the Brazil Slice House by Procter-Rihl, shown below:

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Design Team: Andrés Remy, Carlos Arellano, Hernán Pardillos, Julieta Rafel, Lilian Kandus
Interior Design: Andrés Remy, Julieta Rafel, Diego Siddi, Martin Dellatorre
Photographs: Alejandro Peral
Area: 550m²
Year: 2009/10
images and information from Andrés Remy Arquitectos and e-Architect


WendyB said...

I die!

Silly Salope! said...

Is it so hard to just say "Devoto House" or "Casa Devoto", you're writing house twice in "Casa Devoto House"... Nice pool.

Laura Sweet said...
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Laura Sweet said...

Silly Salope!
I actually am aware of that, but wanted people to be able to find it whether they searched for Casa Devoto or Devoto House. I have remedied the tile to show that I was aware I was being redundant.

Thanks for being the grammar police. I could always use one :)

JgAbaba said...

this is really great! nice place to stay but the only thing that I don't like is the glass just bit scary for the kids.

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