Holy Mother of God, This Is What Won the 2010 Jell-O Mold Competition.

Artist Shelly Sabel was this year's Grand Prize winner in the Gowanus Studio Space's Jell-O Mold competition with her inventive "Aspic Ascension - Tastes Like Heaven", a Bloody Mary tomato aspic formed in the shape of the Virgin Mary.

Watch her wiggle (shown in clear gelatin):

The entry was presented like an altar, complete with burning candles and a 'glitzy' rosary:

The poster for the 2010 GSS Jell-O Mold competition and Grand Prize winner Shelly Sabel:

video, images and info courtesy of artist Shelly Sabel and Gowanus Studio

There's always more room for Jell-O!
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Pink Julep Abroad said...

Not a fan of the winner, but love the city! It's amazing what people come up with sometimes... an entire city made of Jell-O!!!

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Stylish Chairs said...

Pretty awesome molds

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