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The Director's Cut Of That Cool Melting Perrier Commercial

You may have noticed the eye-catching Perrier television commercial in which it's so hot out that everything appears to be melting. Shot by director Frederic Planchon for Ogilvy Paris, it's not a new campaign for the brand, having been executed in 2009, but it's been airing here in the United States lately.

I happened to come across the 'director's cut' of the spot. Slightly longer, this version has used different shots, edit and most notably a different ending:

The client-approved spot ends with the main character jumping from her penthouse balcony into a refreshing pool as she reaches for the rolling bottle of Perrier, while the Director's cut ends with her diving off the balcony into the street and landing on a melting van.

above: two different endings to the Perrier "Melting" spot

As the spot actually airs:

The fabulous song that accompanies the spot is "Waves" by emi artist Camille.

The Nestle brand bottled water campaign's accompanying "melt" print ads were shot by Jean-Yves Lemoigne and took home a Cannes Silver Lion in 2009:

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