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Smells Like A Unique Idea. Blue & Blooms Prints On Fresh Flowers.

This certainly smells interesting. Blue & Blooms of the UK has patented a way to transfer original artwork with metallic or opaque inks on fresh flowers. The result is a unique way to communicate your corporate brand at various events or to commemorate such special occasions as weddings.

Whether you want a personal message, monogram or a brand logo, you simple send the company a black and white file ( jpeg, eps or ai file at 300 dpi) of your art and they delicately print them upon the petals of flowers with an organic dye which has no adverse effect on the flowers.

Your printed flowers can be a single rose, added to bouquets, made into corsages or boutonnieres, and/or used as scatter petals. With a one time set up fee and a three day turnaround, they make it pretty darn easy.

In addition to the printing on flowers, Blue and Blooms has beautiful floral arrangements (like those shown below) for corporate, personal, wedding and events. Their online store is not yet open, but will be coming soon.

Blue and Blooms Studio
38 Garden Close
For sales queries please contact them at +44(0)7961 066 707.

Special thanks to Advertising Age where I first heard about this.

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