Leather Engraved Brooks Saddle Bicycle Seats By Kara Ginther

Talented leather artisan Kara Ginther creates beautifully carved Brooks saddles. The intricately engraved bicycle seats are created in various colors, styles and types of leather.

She turns a 'blank slate' into a unique and functional piece of art, embellishing it with imagery that encompasses everything from western, nautical and nordic styles to floral, graphic and patterned ones:

Kara Ginther engraved leather Brooks Saddle Seats:

Nautical 2 (private commission):

Limited edition of 20 for London's Tweed Run:


Fair Isle:

Artifact and Herringbone for a tandem bike:

Artifact 2:



Thistle (private commmission):

A paisley inspired design for Ahren of Banjo Cycles:

for Black Sheep:

For Sundance:

For Topanga Creek Bicycles:

Kara at work in her studio:

Kara Ginther also carves boots, luggage and more. Visit her site for more information.

all images courtesy of the artist


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