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Eye Candy - Intricate Paper Art Eyelashes From PAPERSELF.

Inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting, Ting yu Wang has created intricately cut paper eyelashes for PAPERSELF that blend an element of traditional culture with contemporary design.

The paper eyelashes are available in three styles, each infused with symbolic meaning rooted in Chinese culture;
Horses: symbolic of success

Peony: for happiness and good fortune

Peach blossom: a symbol of love and romance

Horses (large and small):

Large and small horses show below:

Peach Blossoms (large and small):

Large and small Peach Blossoms shown below:

Peonies (one size):

Peonies show below:

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PAPERSELF is a new platform for cardboard and paper designs from a collaboration of designers. Launching at 100% Design, London 2009 the brand aims to create a growing range of paper and cardboard produced furniture, products, accessories & art. Eco and life style products. The paper eyelashes being the first design introduced to Australia and New Zealand.

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