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Nathan Love Animates The NBC Peacock For A Bit Of Broadcast Branding.

So how did the NBC Peacock get his colored plumage? That was the challenge that resulted in this cute (and I mean that in the good way) 30 second animated piece of branding for NBC by Nathan Love and NBC Artworks.

According to Joe Burrascano, Nathan Love's owner and creative director, "The brief was to create a stand-alone logo animation for NBC. The only guidelines were to make it our own, and of course, for it to be 'the best logo ever.'"

Project Name: Nathan Love's "NBC Peacock"
Project Length: :34

Client: NBC Artworks
Production Company: Nathan Love
Director: Nathan Love
Creative Director: Joe Burrascano
Art Director/Designer: Anca Risca
Animation & Rigging: Dan Vislocky
Additional Animation: Ryan Moran
VFX Compositing: Sylvia Apostol
Sound Design & Music: Drew Skinner

Be sure to check out the Nathan Love website. It's got a great interface and lots to look at.

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