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Karim Rashid Heats Things Up For Caleido With His New Radiator Designs.

I simply cannot get over how rich the area of industrial design is when it comes to radiators. This is my fourth post on radiators and I simply keep finding more and more ones that I want to blog about.

Karim Rashid (who coincidentally curated an exhibit on design radiators at the MAD Museum in 2009) has now created his own for Caleido in his unmistakable style.

The new models, Kelvin (also referred to as Geiger) and Therme, designed by Rashid are wall-mountable and feature his graphic and vibrant imagery on steel plates.



Size (HXL): 182x54 cm
Wheelbase: 1760 mm
Weight: 37 kg
Power: 924 watts

See the Art radiators by Karim Rashid here

CALEIDO by Co.Ge.Fin
Via Maddalena, 83
25075 NAVE (BS) Italia

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