Fetish Goes Formal With Couture Rubber Lingerie & Fashions From HMS Latex

above: Cage dress and Valentina gown

In 2006, Sophie Richardoz founded a Paris-based company that sells women's fashions crafted from rubber. Usually reserved for kinky creations, HMS latex has turned the clingy fabric into couture -- chic and sexy lingerie, dresses, gowns, skirts, tops, pants and accessories.

With bold colors, feminine details and a retro feel, the fashions move away from fetish and into more fashionable formal wear. Whether you want downright naughty or frilly and coquettish, their large selection of items can provide you with whatever fits your mood.

Here's a look at the smokin' hot 2010-2011 collection:

Milky Way and American Polka Dot:

Ivy and Illusion:

Victoria and Heartfelt:

Circle Halter and Fading Seams:

Lou Lou Fringe and Cage:

Valentine and Perrine:

Poison and Alice:

Aniqa and Lush:


Skirts and tops:
Pedrolino top and Overstitch skirt:

Viennetta top and Swirl skirt:

Charm High-waisted Skirt:

Ribbon Top and Reserved For Ms Smart top:

Rib Cage front/Spine back shirt:

Lush skirt and Illusion skirt:

Illusion skirt, detail:

Devil Mini skirt and Frilly Mini skirt:

Pants (capri and jeans):

Lingerie (bras, panties, girdles and teddies):

Zahira Torsolette:

Lush panties:

Cage bra:

Cage panties:

Ribbon Girdle:


Shop for these items and more at the HMS Latex online store or at their etsy store.

A big shout out to Thom Cordner for bringing this to my attention.
all images courtesy of HMSlatex, their etsy store and their facebook page


AFare24Get said...

Very cool images & ideas. Love it - love 'em!

fatal woman said...

yes, images just stunning. it is a way not for everyone, but looks very attractive and have its own charm.

Lingerie said...

very nice images

Anonymous said...

Ya, letex panties may look good... but how comfortable are they?

sumera said...

stunning and elegant ideas in images

Anonymous said...

It all looks wonderful in the photos but, be warned, this stuff is terribly unhip if you fart.

Anything too tight downstairs, with a bit of sweat, is going to have you quacking like a whoopee cushion.

Remember, hot gas only knows how to rise which means it can only find its way out via your cleavage or neckline which mean you and only you are going to experience the full benefit of anything you emit.

Anonymous said...

Don't care if you have to smell your own fart or even if they're uncomfortable. .. my God they're beautiful. .. the images, designs, stunning !!! I think im in love ;-)

DevilsWink said...

Latex rocks! It's actually more comfortable than it looks. it just takes a little time to get used to. Either way, it's super ultra sexy and I can't get enough of it. It goes great with strong colored make up. Very RED lips and contrasting shoes. Very high heels and you are set.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.