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CARCHITECTURE? A Car House AND Restaurant Inspired By The VW Beetle

I know it's been making the rounds on the design blogs, but only part of this interesting story is getting much press- and almost 8 years after the fact. This unusual homage to the VW Beetle, not only exists as a personal residence built in 2003, but inspired a larger version four years later that is now a restaurant and bar by the same builder.

above: Builder Markus Voglreiter next to his Car Home and later, his Car Restaurant


The personal home, a project that began in 2003 is a 900 square foot, 3 story livable home inspired by the Bug, by builder Markus Voglreiter . The 36 year old master builder spent £750,000 to create the 3 story structure which is based on the original Beetle produced by Porsche in 1935.

The car shaped structure is constructed out of pine wood except for its cement foundation. The two second story bedroom windows appear as headlights at night when the lights within are on, casting a glow over the landscape.

Interior shots:

The small bathroom window appears as the car's fuel cap from the exterior.

The unique Auto Residence was built on the border of a nature preserve in Gnigl near Salzburg, Austria. The owners originally purchased a corner lot with a typical 70’s style suburban home on it, and wanted to renovate and update the house and structure.

Voglreiter created two separate dwelling areas for parents and children by closing off former openings and thereby allowing future generations to live under one roof. He also instituted “3 liter” energy efficient heating and insulation techniques that optimize all current building technologies, drastically reducing energy consumption.


After the Car Home, Markus Voglreiter and his team began construction on THE CAR, DAS AUTO, a restaurant and bar located in Obertrum, an area north of Salzberg, Austria. The project cost 1.6 million euros and was co-financed by Daniell Porsche.

The Car Restaurant seats 300 and has room for 350 on the outside terraces.

Inside the bar:

Inside the dining area:


The unusual atmospheric restaurant and bar opened in 2007 and serves fine food and drink. It can be used for special events and parties as well.


Gruberfeldstrasse 8
A-5162 Obertrum
T: +43 (0)6219 / 20 441
Opening times:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 17:00 - 24:00
Sunday 11:30 to 23:00

images courtesy of stadtbaumeister, bright-tec, and The Car Das Auto

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