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Heat Things Up With Art. Electric Radiators With Decorative Glass Panels from Novellini Design Feature 38 Different Images.

Novellini Design of Italy has come up with a way to make wall mounted radiators do double duty as artwork. Their SOLE series of panel electric glass radiators feature illustrations and photography as well as keep you warm.

You can choose from 38 images in four categories; Design, Lifestyle, Nature and Zen, allowing you to find the right art for whichever style and room in which you put your radiator. Kitchen, bath or livingroom, the radiators can feature famous paintings by the likes of Gauguin and Mondrian, photos of food, cities or architecture or be customized for hotels.

Novellini also makes decorative glass enclosures for the shower that feature the same image options. The photos below show bathrooms with both the decorative glass electric radiators and shower enclosures:

Sizes and wattage (thermostats are not included):
Dim.: 600 x 1250 Power: 1000 Watt
Dim.: 600 x 1500 Power: 1200 Watt
Dim.: 400 x 1000 Power: 350 Watt
Dim.: 500 x 1000 Power: 500 Watt
Dim.: 600 x 1050 Power: 800 Watt

Browse the selections here.

Via della Stazione, 2
46030 Romanore di Borgoforte (MN) | Italy
Tel.: 0376/6421
Fax: 0376/642250

New Wood Fireplaces, Radiators, Heated Poufs & Pet Beds From Italy's i-radium.

I've written about i•radium's beautiful radiators before, but they've added some new and noteworthy items to their collection since my last post.

above: some of the previous wood radiators and towel racks from i-radium

New Products
Heated poufs for people, heated beds for pets, radiators and towel warmers all swathed in beautiful woods like colored oaks (natural, white, grey and black), ebony and wenge.

The Joule bioethanol fireplace by Enzo Berti:

A revolutionary and innovative Bioethanol heating system. The only fireplace capable to generate heat profiting by the I-Radium technology of infrared applied to wood and by the ultrasound technology applied to Bioethanol combustion. It’s an invisible fireplace, mirrored glassed when turned off, it becomes source of heat with real fire when aflame. The whole process is microprocessor controlled and respects current safety world standards. Ignition, switch off, fan and flame modulation are operated by a special remote control or by keypad, directly on the device. The procedure can be interfaced with any type of home automation system and it’s already programmed for remote control via mobile phone.

Pause leather and wood heated poufs by Enzo Berti:

An innovative "heating pouf" made of wood and hide, characterized by sophisticated details and finish and strong aesthetic value. A new way to conceive a heater for a minimalist style

Dot heated pouf and MP3 player by Enzo Berti:

A new heating pouf of simple and sober lines. Leather upholstered seat, available in multiple colours, it can be used in any home environment. Dot is provided with an original option: a kinetic transducer, inserted within, allows you to listen to music. Easy to use, a simple connection to any MP3/audio source and power supply to be instantly wrapped in relaxing warmth and music.

The Meo Bau Heated Pet Bed by Enzo Berti:

It’s a warming bed for cats, dogs and puppies, designed to be placed next to chairs and sofas or to be carried easily around the house. Warm, elegant and comfortable, this new and re-interpreted version of the dog/cat crate-bed, embraces your pet with comfort and luxury.

Gigi radiator by Enzo Berti:

A whimsical radiator for the kids’ room and irresistible for older ones, Gigi, has an innovative style that embraces the environment in an atmosphere of fun and turns any niche or corner of your home into an original spot. In Fact, thanks to its extreme lightness, versatility and ease of use, you can take it with you in every room and enjoy hot moments of relaxation.

X-Red Towel Warmer by Michael Schmidt:

An innovative free-standing towel-warmer characterized by pure lines and a wide heating surface. The sinuous and elegant vertical shape of X-Red hides the towel hangers behind, thus maintaining the wall always tidy and well organized.

X-Red, naturally and easily adapts to any type of furniture and finds optimal positioning in both the private and public sectors.

Morphosis Radiator and Towel Warmer by Michael Schmidt:

Elegant style and neat design are the features of Morphosis, the new collection of these modular radiators: from elegant towel warmer to radiator easily works outside the bathroom boundaries. Positionable both horizontally and vertically allows maximum adaptability and possibility to be equipped with exclusive accessories, such as shelves and towel hangers, camouflaged behind the curved modules.

via cividale, 33040 Moimacco
Udine, Italia
phone +39 0432.733253
fax +39 0432.733417

Karim Rashid Heats Things Up For Caleido With His New Radiator Designs.

I simply cannot get over how rich the area of industrial design is when it comes to radiators. This is my fourth post on radiators and I simply keep finding more and more ones that I want to blog about.

Karim Rashid (who coincidentally curated an exhibit on design radiators at the MAD Museum in 2009) has now created his own for Caleido in his unmistakable style.

The new models, Kelvin (also referred to as Geiger) and Therme, designed by Rashid are wall-mountable and feature his graphic and vibrant imagery on steel plates.



Size (HXL): 182x54 cm
Wheelbase: 1760 mm
Weight: 37 kg
Power: 924 watts

Introduced at this year's Salone del Mobile, they are not yet on Caleido's website. Please contact them for pricing and availability.

CALEIDO by Co.Ge.Fin
Via Maddalena, 83
25075 NAVE (BS) Italia
Tel.: +39 030 2530054
Fax: +39 030 2530533

Cool Designs To Keep You Warm: 50 Heated Towel Racks & Modern Radiators

Above: The fantasy radiator by Brandoni

I've written about the plethora of unusual looking radiators and heated towel racks before..... however a bunch of new ones have emerged on the market, several introduced at recent design shows. It amazes me how the designs continue to get even more unusual and yet still remain functional.

There are so many wonderful examples of all types of different looking water heated radiators, electric radiators, wall mounted radiators, freestanding radiators, even towel racks, that I could only share with you some of my favorites. And here they are:

Above: The radiator model “Oblò – oval” by Brandoni Radiators, has won the “Comfort & Design 2008” Award raffled from the International Fair in Milan.

In addition to their award winning radiator shown above, Brandoni has many beautiful and unusual designs from their new 2008 and last year's 2007 collections. See just some of my personal favorites below.

My Image:






Brandoni is only one of the several companies who've turned radiators into works of art and sculpture.

From Deltacalor Design


From Tubes Radiatori





Add-On (heated towel rack) by Satyendra Pakhalé:

Squares (heated towel rack, available in square or rectangular):

From Irsap

Medusa by Luigi Molinis:

The Cubo:

The Petra:

The Keyos:

Curval by Marcello Maniscalchi, Jessica Chon:

The Aeon Collection




Abacus (illuminated):


Marbella (stone, concrete or granite):


And all of these unusual radiators from Ridea of Italy

SHINE: A black bright circle, in contrast with brilliant Swarovski crystals, which spell out the word "shine". A luminous stripe and a cut out that serves as a towel rack:

CROK: crocodile textured leather set within a stainless steel frame:


ROSE: A contrasting handle on an etched panel




GARDEN: Three disks joined together with silver floral accents.

And from Jaga , the company that brought you the highly publicized 'heatwave' radiator by Joris Laarman for Droog:

the Know You Wood series:

From Bisque

The Xtreme:

The Zanzibar:

The La Scala:

The Outline:

The DNA:

From MHS radiators

The Boreas:

The Hose:

The Nuage (illuminated):

Although not my style, the following radiators get bonus points for being unique:
From Radiating Style, comes the slab cindier and metal radiators:

And for music lovers:
The Piano, The Harp and the Pan Flute radiators from Carisa:

Here are 2 other posts I've written on fabulous radiators, be sure to check them out:

•Caleidos Newest Rockin' radiators.

•It's Sculpture. It's Art. No, It's A Radiator.

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