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Kudos To Some of My Fave Artists: Karin Jurick, David Buckingham & Scott Rench

Karin Jurick
Congratulations to my dear friend and talented painter, Karin Jurick on her being chosen as a finalist in the competition for "People & Figures" by International Artist Magazine Competition!  Her painting "Strictly Pedestrian" was chosen as one of the featured pieces in the Dec/Jan issue.


Above: Karin Juricks' Strictly Pedestrian Visit Karin's site here.

David Buckingham
Congratulations to another good friend and talented metal artist, David Buckingham of Buckingham Studio, Los Angeles. Some of his fabulous wall-mounted 3D soldered metal letter art was commissioned for the masthead of William Safire's column in today's New York Times Magazine !


Above: screen grab from NY Times Magazine online

 Of course, the online version screws up the colors, but in the actual magazine they look great and more like the original seen here:


Visit David's site here.

Scott Rench
One of my favorite multi-talented artists is Scott Rench whose work finds it's way into and onto some of the most interesting shows and collaborations. Right now he has many pieces in the fabulous Fragiles Porcelain show at Design Miami as well as a T-Shirt for sale at the ultra hip Threadless and he has even created one of the now sold out everywhere limited edition bottles of Bong Spirit Vodka.

Above: Some of Scott's pieces in the Fragiles Show


Above left: Scott's Threadless T. Buy the t-shirt here. Above right: Scott's artwork on the Bong Spirit Vodka Bottle

   Visit Scott's Site here.

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