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Laura Normandin's Embellished Bottles & More Cool Stuff By This Crafty Artist.

It was Laura Normandin's embellished vintage bottles that first caught my eye the other day. And it was my first introduction to this artist, who turns out to have several talents.

The bottles are very cool. Vintage glass of various shapes and sizes each embellished by her own hand with different odd and unique visuals painted with japanese paints. Large bottles are approx.7-8" in height and run about $228.00 each. Small bottles are available as well.

Above: Artist/editor/craftswoman/and more, Laura Normandin

Laura Normandin doesn't just make pretty handpainted bottles. Uh-uh. She's quite crafty....and with her background as a craft editor for Martha Stewart Living Magazine for 8 years, it's no wonder.

Laura is from Kansas where she grew up listening to old country music and creating. She moved to New York to go to Cooper Union and now lives in Park Slope Brooklyn. She crochets in winter and drinks beer in the summer.

She's got a personal site, an online store, a blog, gallery showings and more.

As I went to her site for the first time, I was immediately impressed from the get-go. Her homepage menu is a piece of art in itself:

Above: Laura Normandin's fun homepage menu

On her personal site she has some beautiful handmade books, panel art, even hair art that are worth a look.

Above: A spread from her illustrated anthology, printed on treated japanese paper

In addition to her art and projects, she has an online store named after a doberman she once had.

She carries the following items and much more at her online etsy store, Wren handmade .

Above: Laura's handmade hair ornaments.

Above: Her adorable giraffes, available in several fabrics.

Above: Some of her custom made hand sewn dolls which sell for $80.00 each

Above: beautifully hand sewn clothes to go with her custom dolls

I have a feeling there's a lot more to come from this artist and I can't wait.
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Her blog

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