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Go For The Gold: Gold Editions of Just About Everything.

Gold version. Gold edition. Gold plated. Awash in Gold. Gold: limited, exclusive, special. Whatever you want to call it, it's very hot.

Whether it's actual real gold plating (like many of the small hand-held electronics now sold on luxury sites) or merely a 'gold' version, objects that have the gilded shine are everywhere. On the road or in the bathroom, there's now a gold version of just about everything. Some are outrageously priced, while others could be stocking stuffers. So take a look.

Here's a few "gold" versions for you with links to purchase.

Jabra's bluetooth JX 10 has now been introduced in a 24kt brushed gold version (in addition to the stainless steel), designed by Jacob Jensen.

Above: the Jabra JX10 Cara.
Buy it here.

Above: Philippe Starck's Gnome stools, available in gold versions.
Buy them here.

Above: Louis Vuitton's Gold Metallic Handbag from their Miroir Collection, 2007.
I have not been able to find the gold Miroir purses anywhere (not even on eluxury) but for sale at here at seem to be many 'replicas'. Pssst......Go ahead, buy one, I won't tell anyone they're not authentic.

But if it must be LV and it must be Gold, then the Lockit MM is the one for you (shown above).
Buy it here.

Even funky porcelain products previously sold in white or colored, have now emerged in gold.

Above: Tank U's limited edition Gold version.
Buy it here.

Above: Phillipe Starck's Iconic Salif Juicer. In Gold for the 10th anniversary.
Buy it here.

Above: Fluke Collective's Ghost Antlers, now in gold.
Buy it here.

Above: Nike Air Classic. In Gold. Were available in a limited number from Jacks Surfboards but are sold out.

Above: She Umera's 24k gold plated eyelash curler, with case of course.
Buy it here.

Goldplated Macbook Pro by Computer Choppers:

Shop for the above and other gold-plated Mac products here.

above: The 24k gold plated ipod.

Zip-Ang makes a gold plated keyboard:

Buy it here.

Bill Amberg's Golden Pappoose is another limited exclusive luxury edition.
But this one' s for the little one:

Limited edition of 10. A golden porter for a priceless ride. Lined in plush natural fibers. Adjustable straps and shearling shoulder pads make a comfortable ride for parents, too. Accommodates infants to 10 months or 22 lbs. Gold.
Buy it here.

And to go with their new "pappoose", here's a classic dumbbell baby rattle, only it's plated in 14kt gold overlay:

Above: the Gold Barbell Rattle by Areaware.
Buy it here

This platter is awash in hand-painted 18k gold over porcelain. Use as a centerpiece or hang on the wall.

Buy The Bel Air Platter here.

Gold dishes just sit there. So, how about a gold-plated massager/vibrator?

The LELO YVA Gold-Plated Massager is a high-class, luxury vibrator for those who won't settle for less when it comes to their sexual satisfaction. The YVA is an 18k Gold-Plated vibe that has a small, yet quietly powerful motor and a deep resounding sensation for those that use it.
Buy it here.

Unfortunately the fabulous Yamaha R1 Gold Edition shown below is merely a protoype:

And if you're gonna have a gold, ride...well, you'd better have gold goggles too:

Above: Bogner's Space Frames. Gold Goggles with anti-scratch and -fog polycarbonate lens. 100% UV protection with multi-layer mirror coating. Detachable elastic headband for goggle or sunglass fit. Gold. 6" x 2" goggles with 21" adjustable headband.
Buy them here.

Even the iconic "rubber ducky' gets gilded. Although this one's actually a piggy bank:

Buy it here.

Below: The LH-C643 home theatre system By LG features a 71-inch plasma display and 24K gold-plated body. At about US$ 82,500.00 and a limited production (only 1,000 units), you’d be hard pressed to find one.

And for the tool loving friend in your life, how about this limited edition 22k gold plated Craftsman ratchet from Sears?

Buy the Gold Sears Craftsman ratchet here.

And the Krystal ELS™, Ondine’s limited edition Krystal Electronic Light Shower™ (ELS) in Polished Gold finish (should have been on my swarovski list as well!)

Buy it here.

Axis Gold wheels will certainly make your car the envy of ballers everywhere.

Buy them here.

You can even get Jonathan Adler's piggy bank in gold:

Buy it here.

Above: At Goldstriker, you can get just about anything for your car from exhaust pipes to grilles, badging and more plated in 24k gold.

And that's just the tip of the goldberg, if you will. Don't forget my recent post on Lantic's gold remote control.

Wanna plate your ipod, iphone, laptop or cell phone in the precious metal of your choice? Then use the plating services here.

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