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Luxury Gadgets For The Design Geek

Mikimoto-Beans ' all new 2007 iTheaterV
Price: $379.99

Mikimoto-Beans Japan introduces the all new 2007 iTheaterV, high quality and stylish video glasses for iPod video or other devices with AV outputs. Featuring 2 high resolution TFT displays with improved VGA resolution of 640 x 480 (increased from the previous model of 320 x 240 pixels). Experience watching a 65" high resolution TV from just 2.5 meters away with the new iTheaterV (previous model is equivalent to a 50" TV). iTheaterV also has 2 built-in earphones, so when the user is watching a movie through iTheaterV, the sound is produced to stereo audio. iTheaterV is light weight and it stays comfortable around the head. Includes a unique converter that allows i-Theater to work on other devices through AV connection. Designed with a sleek outfit; the new red stripe gives it a futuristic look. Up to 5 hours of playback time using batteries. Smaller and lighter than the previous model. A great gift idea for friends and family or just an excellent travel companion for those long flights (in style, with privacy too).

Mikimoto-Beans' iTheaterV is a friendly i-Pod accessory and also an one-of-a-kind device for iPod Video. Available in silver only.
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Segatoys HomeStar Pro 21st Century Home Planetarium
Price: $289.99

Segatoys announced a new and improved version of HomeStar Home Planetarium. The high quality "HomeStar Pro" is the 21st Century Home Planetarium. It features high brightness white LEDs that is 3 times brighter than HomeStar. HomeStar Pro can rotate the plates in slow motion and show shooting stars. With a full dark environment, HomeStar Pro allows you to focus and project sharper images. Adopts an adjustable stand for variety of shooting angles. It comes with a Full Moon sidereal original plates, one of the unique plates that only comes with HomeStar Pro. A great gift and present for friends and families to enjoy a clear night view right at home. Available 2 stylish colors.

NOTE: This product is a Japanese import. Packaging and instruction manual are in Japanese. However, operation is very straight forward and does not require the knowledge of Japanese.
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Amadana PT-108 Wireless Telephone Clad in Leather
Price: $399.99

PT-108 is Amadana's all new classic yet futuristic wireless telephone. Features genuine leather, a natural material, on the handle part of the receiver. In both red and brown, the leather gives the feel of warmth and comfort. Designed with a compact body size to reduce space use. Amadana PT-108 introduces 4 special ring tones for better and enjoyable sound to the ears. Available in black and white.
Specifications: Rated voltage 100V
Dimension:-Telephone receiver: W43.5 x D30.5 x H180 mm
-Cradle: W107 x D117.5 x H59 mm

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Zyken NightCove
Price: $2,500

One of the few designer sleep aides that doesn't come in a pill form, Zyken's NightCove alarm clock lulls high-octane executives to sleep with scientifically-calibrated lights and sounds designed to improve sleep quality.
Five years in the making, the futuristic-looking clock was developed in partnership with Damien L├ęger, president of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Sleep and Alertness in France, and leading international light and chronobiology expert Dr. Claude Gronfie.
The NightCove uses a patented sleep system with 20 pre-loaded programs combining sound and light of varying color, wavelength and intensity that's tailored to improve sleep cycles and regulate the body's melatonin levels. Simply set the alarm, press the sleep button and the gizmo strategically rotates through purple, red, blue and other hues to help the body fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply and awake rested. Consider it the gift that keeps giving.
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Les Paul Robot Guitar Price:$2,500

Jamming with tech moguls like Roger McNamee -- the co-founder of Silicon Valley's Elevation Partners who also performs with the semi-pro band Moonalice -- requires more than talent. It demands the Les Paul Robot Guitar, a high-tech guitar with an automatic tuning button.
The limited edition robot guitar eliminates the hassle of lowering the pitch of every string by hand, and then strumming and tweaking. Produced by Gibson Guitar, the instrument arrives programmed with several popular open tunings such as Open G and Open D, as well as tunings for six classic hits including Led Zeppelin's "Going to California" and "Voodoo Child" by Jimi Hendrix. It can also be programmed with customized tunings.
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ZMP Miuro iPod Speaker
Price: $1,299.99

Introducing "Miuro" from ZMP, the all new one-of-a-kind iPod boom-box in the market. It is special designed with an egg shape and built-in with multiple high quality sensors. ZMP's Miuro is not an ordinary speaker; it is categorized in the Robot section because it actually follows the user around the house while playing music. It comes with a private joystick that allows the user to control and adjust the motion and audio. Miuro adopts a 4ch digital power amplifier with multi-channel drive, producing crystal clear sound and superb bass. It corresponds with 4th Generation iPods. Miuro can also become a wireless speaker for PC. With a high resolution VFD screen to display the text and the title. Designed with a simple yet unique outfit, Miuro is stylish for the 21st century world. A friendly iPod accessory. Available in 4 different colors.

NOTE: This is a Japanese product and user manual and software are in Japanese.
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Robovie-M V3 (Big-Max) Humanoid Robot Kit (and he's gold)
Price: $2,699.99

Robovie-M V3 is the current hottest Humanoid Robot in the market for research institutes and the battlebot world. It is designed with a strong and well-balanced body kit. Robovie-M V3 has a total of 22 joint angular sensors, it is capable of doing basic moments, throwing objects, punching, somersaulting, doing handstands, side stepping, and playing soccer with other Robovie-M V3s. When it falls, it automatically pushes itself back up to a standing position. It comes in 2 stylish colors and a full metal body outfit. It includes 70 predefined programs.
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